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FEBRUARY 24, 1997 - AUGUST 16, 2000


For Love Of Crime

'For Love Of Crime' was for us a breeders dream come true. The kind of filly you can strive to produce for a lifetime and only rarely come close. 'Lovey' had the conformation, disposition, bloodlines and charisma that we had been working towards in our breeding program for many years. I can only say that her loss, especially just at the beginning of her career, was a crushing blow. I took these photos of 'Lovey' just a couple of weeks prior to what was to have been her last show for this season. I was thinking at the time that if got a good shot, how delighted we would be to have a good photo to put on website for others to see. What a bitter sweet ending to such joyous thoughts, a week later she was gone due to a twisted intestine. It is hard to look at these photos and not feel the pain of her loss all over again but as time softens that pain we will be sincerely grateful to have these pictures of 'Lovey' to look back on. We feel very privileged to have bred, raised and been a part of this outstanding young mares life, even if it was only for a short while.



FEBRUARY 13, 1983 - AUGUST 16, 2000


Skip N Habby

'Skip N Hobby's' passing has left a large void here at the ranch and we will continue to miss her for a long time to come. She was bred and raised by Steve Dal Porto, then was purchased by Lew Eklund of Silver State Appaloosas where she was bred to 'The Executive' for her first two foals. That is where we first saw and fell in love with her. 'Hobby' was the first mare we bred to 'Partner In Crime' when he was just a two year old and beginning his future as a sire. That cross resulted in a big, beautiful chestnut colt named 'The First Offence'. She then went on to produce my good halter mare, 'Crime's My Hobby' in 1990, 'Skip the Crime' a palomino gelding in 1991, 'Sheza Real Crime' in 1993, 'Honey Of A Crime in 1996, 'Crimes Justa Hobby' in 1997 and then her last foal, 'Skippin By Crime' in 1999. Each of these foals was a credit to 'Hobby's' outstanding success as a broodmare and her legacy will live on though each of them. 'Skip N Hobby' had a very special place in our hearts and I don't believe there will ever come a time when we won't wish that she could be still here with us.



April 30, 2000 - October 17, 2000


Exec Rated Crime

I remember being so delighted and happy the night this colt was born, he was made to order. We thought our prayers had been answered with the perfect replacement for his sire. An easy birth for his exceptional but elderly mother and no apparent problems. When he came down with a slight fever and snotty nose at about three weeks old we were concerned and had the vets visit him couple of times but not overly alarmed. Our vets diagnosed an upper respiratory ailment, had us put him on antibiotics for couple of weeks and he seemed to be doing just great, running and playing with his sisters being a normal exuberent colt. About six weeks later when bring him and his mother to the barn for the night, I noticed that he was not his usual bouncy self. After discovering he was running slight temperature, upon further examination saw that he had small cut on his ankle. Washed and doctored cut assuming that temp due to injury until the next morning when his temperature had gone up alarmingly. Called vets out and after examining him they wanted him in at the clinic for further tests. Four days later it was determined that he had very severe pneumonia with all of one lung and three quarters of the other lung totally involved. For the next two and a half months 'Exec' was given oral antibiotics three times a day with weekly checkups and blood testing. During that time he continually showed some improvement and we were hopeful for his recovery. Then his condition took a turn for the worst with blood tests showing a steady down turn. At this time our vets felt our only hope was to take him to the University of Washington Veterinarian Clinic in Pullman, Washington. It was a very difficult to leave 'Exec' and his mother there and go home without them but knew that they would receive the very best of care. We were able to get back down for a couple of visits but could see that things were not going well. Eleven days later came the call we were dreading, saying there was nothing more that could be done and that he was beginning to decline rapidly. Arrangements were made for the next day for us to be able to be there with 'Exec' and his mother for the next day. When we arrived we knew that it was the right decision and this valiant colts struggle for survival had turned to a need for release. Although it was very difficult, we were able to say our goodbyes and be with him at the end. He will not be forgotten.



MAY 7,2000 - FEBRUARY 20,2002


Evidence of Crime

It was so difficult to lose ‘Evie’ so soon after the loss of her older full sister ‘Lovey’. Somehow ‘Evie’ had injured her spinal column as a youngster and we were able to keep her fairly pain free and normally active by having the chiropractor out to work on her every three to four weeks . The hope was that with treatment, as she got older, it would start to get better and better. Instead it was continually getting worse until it was very hard to control the pain even with strong drugs. At this time a decision had to be made as to the quality of life for such a young filly to endure without hope of being without continuous pain. As hard a decision as this was, I know it was the right thing. Now she can join her sister ‘Lovey’ on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge in never ending pastures of green without another moment of pain, worry or stress. We will miss having you in our lives.


1984 - 2002

'Bummer' graced us with his company for going on 18 years. He was dumped out of moving vehicle on a very cold and snowy night, very skinny, hurt and disillusioned with the human race. After some coaxing he decided to make his home with us. In his younger days, he was the delight of the endurance riders that schooled their horses in the mountains above our ranch because he was able to make two 25 mile runs with them in a day and still beat them back to ranch. He had slowed down some in his later years but still kept a watchful eye on all of us and his ranch. I know you are still watching over us and your ranch as I catch a glimpse of you once in a while out of the corner of my eye as I am so used to seeing you laying in some of your favorite places.


1989 -2002


‘Tig Tig’ was with us for almost fourteen years, while always slightly neurotic, he was also always quick to find my empty lap and curl up with his motor running at top speed. I will miss those many quiet evenings that we shared together and think of you often with loving memories.


May 24, 1980 - January 5, 2003

The Executive x Miss Apache

‘Miss Executive was owned by Lew Eklund of Carlin, Nevada and spent the last of her years with us here at the ranch. ‘Miss Exec’ was one of those horses that a very few of us are ever privileged to have in a lifetime. Even with her advancing years every time you looked at this mare you saw a greatness that few ever get to view on a daily basis. Now, when I close my eyes, I can vision her, once again young, running and grazing in greener pastures, the sun reflecting off of her golden coat with gentle, warm breezes flowing though her silver highlighted mane and tail. Maybe even a little one named ‘Exec Rated Crime’ by her side.

We are forever grateful to Lew for allowing us to share in Miss Executive’s life and, like Lew, she will always be in our mind and in our hearts until we all meet again.

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